Andrew Radcliffe
Andrew Radcliffe


Level 1 - Nutritional Coaching Institute

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Andrew Radcliffe

My journey began in the picturesque Upper Perkiomen Valley, where I was raised alongside my loving family—my Mom, Dad, two brothers, and one sister. Presently, I reside in Telford with my girlfriend Carolyn, and we share our lives with our beloved cat, Mitchell, and our energetic dog, Morton. As passionate Philadelphia sports fans, we willingly endure the ups and downs, embracing the camaraderie that comes with being part of a dedicated fan base. Throughout my life, I have discovered a deep love for dancing, cherishing moments spent on the dance floor. Socializing and spending quality time with friends are also activities that invigorate me, allowing me to foster meaningful connections. Additionally, I relish the outdoors and seize every opportunity to immerse myself in nature. Currently, I am exploring the world of pickleball, finding enjoyment and new challenges in this exciting sport. My athletic achievements have been shaped by a variety of sports I engaged in during my formative years. From football to basketball, I actively participated in multiple disciplines, fostering a well-rounded athletic foundation. These experiences instilled in me the values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, which have served as guiding principles in my coaching journey. Embracing the lessons learned along my path, I have morphed into the coach I am today. My diverse athletic background, combined with my passion for helping others unlock their potential, has fueled my commitment to coaching busy working adults in their quest for strength and personal growth. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and empowering individuals to transcend their limits, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives both inside and outside the gym.

My purpose for coaching is to empower busy working adults to unlock their full potential and develop a deep love for weightlifting, enabling them to become the strongest versions of themselves. I am impassioned to serve individuals who are seeking transformation and growth in their lives. What motivates me is the belief that strength training is a paramount endeavor that extends beyond the physical realm. I am a firm believer that becoming stronger has a profound impact on all aspects of life. By helping others cultivate strength, I aim to facilitate positive changes that ripple through their personal and professional spheres.